The Fifth Doctor - Peter Davison

This one was really tough and I am waiting for someone to call me out that I may NOT have really caught Peter Davison's likeness. I think part of that is that Mr. Davison really has no outright distinctive features. No big nose, large eyes, curly hair, .....none of that! Plus he was only 29 when he started playing the part and doesn't even have wrinkles! I think the other part was that Peter Davison was MY doctor. They say you always remember the actor in the role when you find the program to be the one you remember the most, and he was mine. I was in high school and I was introduced to the show by my close friend, John Larkin. I never looked back. I was drawn in and I loved it. I wish I could talk to John about the program now that it is back on television. He probably will never even see this blog let alone contact me. Regardless, this one is for you John.

Here is my preliminary sketch all done on my touchscreen in ArtRage.


  1. I really like the textures in this one. Pretty cool series of Dr. Who paintings!


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