The Ninth Doctor - Chris Eccleston

I still remember the day I read the news that Doctor Who was coming back to TV. I was floored. I immediately thought of how long it would take for it to be shown on American shores! Then I saw leaked pics of the "new Doctor". I was not happy. He looked like Fonzie with a short hair cut. What were they thinking?? What are they doing to my show??? I should not have worried. By the end of the first episode I was sold on this new take on the Doctor. Nothing was thrown out. No "re-imagining". Just Doctor Who as he should be. After the second episode, I was totally hooked on Eccleston as the Doctor. He was great. He was brilliant. He was............FAN-TASTIC!


  1. This really is Fan-tas-tic! I LOVE IT! In a lot of ways eccleston has been my favorite Doctor, I was really sorry to see him go, of course Tennant is Tennant and will be hard to let go as well, but at least he got some years in. I would have like a little longer with this Doctor. I have been waiting for this one btw, and I think it is your best likeness. Great job!

  2. he should've stayed on for longer. one series of Eccleston just isn't enough.....


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