Blue Falcon

I owe a huge debt to my friend Mike. The short story is that last year Mike went to Comic-Con and was nice enough to pick me up a book by a favorite artist. Then he got it signed with a sketch in it no less. Me, being out of work and without disposable income, Mike was gracious enough to not demand the check from me. He then offered an option to payment being a piece or art of Blue Falcon. I obliged the art but not in lieu of payment. The check will be in the mail as well. The long story is that without Mike, I don't know how I would have gotten thru my first year at art school. We were both older than the normal age of college freshmen and we were paired together in a dorm room. I knew nothing of college life and things were not too smooth for me getting there. But there was Mike. I met him and two minutes later he was helping me lug my luggage up flights of stairs in the blazing heat. A few days later I was delivered the news of a death in my family and Mike was gracious and supportive that went beyond expectation. I can go on and on but this would become an even more embarrassing tome than it has already. And to top everything off, he's a super artist. Just trust me, Mike is incredibly talented and you should see it. You can find his work here:

Here's to you Mike!!

Here is a progression pic too.


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