Stuff from the ol' website. Part 4

You must be getting tired of old stuff. I am. I will have some new stuff soon. Promise! Today I have three relics. First is Obi-Wan Kenobi. Gotta have a Star Wars pic at some point! I did this few years back during the prequel years. Was trying to refine a painterly look in Photoshop but I don't know how well I pulled it off. I like it tho, just wish I had ArtRage back then.

This one goes WAY back. Did this while at work at Funnybone back in Connecticut. I drew it all in my sketchbook and scanned it in for my "digital glazing". I then printed it out on watercolor paper and then sealed it. I then added some actual paint and colored pencil on top. This was the one and only time I did this.

The last one today has the significance of being the first pic I did entirely on the computer. I had learned to use a wacom by this point and I did the rough drawing right on the computer and then proceeded right to the paint stage all in Photoshop.


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