Believe it or Not...

So there was a marathon of The Greatest American Hero on Syfy this past Fourth of July and I totally missed it. I was really bummed not to catch even just an episode or two since I loved that show so much as a kid growing up in New Jersey. With a little luck, I was able to watch a few shows on-line. A bit dated but still a fun watch. And how can you not love a reluctant super hero who lost his instruction book for his suit?? Genius!! I actually started doodling him on my airplane ride to Californina just a few short weeks back. Hard to draw in a bumby airplane and even harder when the old lady next to you is constantly hitting you with her elbow! Once I had my pose the painting went rather quick. In fact, I got carried away with the sketch in Photoshop, that I almost didn't do the "finished" one. I bet some people out there may also think that the colored drawing is better. I don't know. I'm sharing both. Enjoy.

Here are the drawing leading up to it:

Not that you can see it in the final, but here is down and dirty, over-Photoshoped revision of his logo:

...and finally, the colored sketch. You choose which is better. I'm done!


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