Al's Who

Not really any new art to show this time. Been kinda busy of late but I hope to have something new in the near future. I will share a classic illustration done by one of the all time greats. Al Hirshfeld. I was stunned when I first came across a Doctor Who illustration he did in his magnificent style. And to feature all the current Doctors to that point as well!! I recently re-discovered it while searching for something else. Isn't that how it always works! I had the great honor in actually talking to Mr. Hirshfeld while I was a senior in art school. We had to interview a working artist as part of our requirement to graduate, and I picked Scott Gustafson. Well, Mr. Gustafson must have been really busy and such and I never got to have my phone calls returned or such. Plus this was before email and all this hi-tech way of communicating! So one day, my roommate and I were looking over the new Illustrators Annual and I came across Al Hirshfeld's phone number in the back. I jokingly said I was going to just call him instead. Everyone seemed amused but I dialed anyway and he answered on the third ring and was very gracious with his time and knowledge. I great experience I will always remember.


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