Sick with Photoshop brushes

I was a bit under the weather recently and found myself bored and not able to really concentrate on drawing. In my haze of congestion and medication tho I did manage to work on another old painting and "jazzing" it up with just about all the all the special Photoshop brushes I have collected. Ok, maybe not ALL of them, but I did use an obscene amount for for the sake of doing it. I painted this for real back in 1999/2000 on illustration board and it is actually hung in my studio. I think it's still hanging because it's too high to take down. I posted a version of this on DeviantArt a while back and after a few months I was asked to sign a release since it "contained elements of another person's work". I refused to sign anything since I did not use anyone else's work and they could not tell me who or what they were. So they removed my entire picture. Some said that I should just have signed the release, but I felt that it would be a sign of admission then, and I did nothing wrong. Well, anyway. Here is my overworked old painting.

and just for laughs, here is what it looked like before I delved in digitally. The original doesn't look this bad, but it was too big to scan in and I had to photograph it and that was almost a decade ago as well.


  1. Awesome. I don't think enough people show the Paul McGann movie the love it deserves. I've never understood why it is so disliked in certain fan circles. Anyway, great job. You really nailed it.


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