Rip Haywire

When Bloom County went away and then Calvin and Hobbes, I thought I had lost the need to visit the comics section of my newspaper. I should have known that I would be lured back by a friend and former co-worker. Dan Thompson has me reading his strip every morning. It's actually the first thing I do when I wake up just before I check the weather. Granted, I get it emailed to me instead of being read in a printed paper, but I still count my digital subscription as being loyal. I love the strip! Combo adventure and comedy with great characters and great designs! I always knew Dan was a talented guy, but I never knew he had this in him. It should not be long before others more important than me take notice as well. I am sure in the future we will see a Rip Haywire cartoon or movie. I can't wait. For right now I would settle for a trade-paperback collection!!

I actually started this drawing over a year (might be two now that I think about it), but it languished since because I could not stop doing a straight copy of Dan's style. And who wants to see that?? When I stumbled across the sketch again two days ago, I stopped thinking about it and just dove in running. Turns out Dan's characters fit my style perfectly as well. At least I think so, don't really know how Dan will feel about it. Yet.

You can visit Dan Thompson's Rip Haywire site here:

As always, the progression of the art.


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