Joe's 7th Birthday card is an 11

Y'know, I just thought, as I finished typing the title of this entry, that it sounds like a reference to Spinal Tap. Alas, it is not. It's the card that Joe wanted for his birthday this year. He wanted himself as the 11th Doctor and he wanted a dalek as well. You can see the dalek as the looming shadow that Joe is horrified at. The entire dalek was only visable on the back of the invite that I am not posting here. Sorry. This was, obviously, really fun for me to do and I got to explore a bit more of the look I gave our last Christmas card as well. I was happy with the result and Mindy and Joe liked it too.

This was the "full" art.

Here is what the front of the card itself looked like.

Here is the mock up of the shirt we printed too!

...and just for fun, here are the reference photos that I took of Joe.


This one is not a photo.


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