The Master! Part One

First off, my apologies for being so very infrequent of late with posting. My day job has been kicking my butt for the past several months and then there was a bit of a family emergency which had me flying to New Jersey at a moments notice. Glad to report that Mom is doing well and is on the road to recovery. Also, I have been grappled with a sort of "artist block" and for a bit it seemed like I had forgotten or had no desire to draw. I hope to be on my way out of that funk now.

Ever since I did my series of Doctor Who's Doctors, I have been getting requests to do a series of villains. Here is the first in such a series. The Master!! Here he is seen as originally played by Roger Delgado and with whom all others are measured against. He is the Moriarty to the Doctor's Holmes and what better place to start!

The final version.

The progression.

The original digital sketch.


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