Harry Potter

If you noticed, I have done two other posts about Harry Potter. Both were iPhone paintings and not done with, ...................well, ......."my style". My wife Mindy and my son have been watching Harry Potter movies almost non-stop for about a month. They LOVE them! I like most of them too. My wife has read and re-read the books as well while I have not read one since the first one. Not because I didn't like it. Just the opposite. I read it before they started making the movies and when I saw the first one, I walked out disappointed because I had lost all the moments of suspense since it was a faithful representation of the book. I decided that I would wait for the movies first from that point on. Now, you can argue that I didn't get everything out of the movies that I could have since the books are so much denser, but being a visual person, I would rather experience the visual interpretation first, and then get more out of it after reading the books. I am very glad to have gone into the final movie recently and actually NOT knowing how it was going to end!! And I LOVED it!! Now I can finally read the books. Sure, I could have read each one after the corresponding movie came out instead of waiting for the end, but I am really lazy!

This one is for Mindy and Joe! Enjoy.

...And as usual of late, here is a time-lapse video of the making of this piece.

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  1. Gorgeous piece, and I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who waited to read the books. They were fantastic, but there's something nice about knowing how things are going to end.

  2. So Erin, did you finish reading them now?? I will wait for the winter months. Thanks for the comment. :)


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