Portraits of ............me.

You just can't go to art school and work in art studios without getting your face rendered at least once. Sure, you may have had the assignment of a self-portrait, but I am talking about having your cheekbones lovingly rendered by your peers while you are in a meeting, working at your desk, at lunch, what ever. I have been lucky (?) enough to have been captured more than once and have been very blessed to have been given the original as well.

My good friend Ryan was a master of drawing classmates back at Ringling. Instead of drawing the model, on most occasions, he would be drawing the kids across the room from himself. He always kept a quickly rendered piece of crap of the model to flip to should the teacher be strolling by. Ryan also did very unforgiving caricatures. To block him from drawing me, I would almost always sit right next to him. It was too obvious then to keep turning his head and not get caught. When Ryan finally did get caught in front of the whole class was one of the funniest moments in my college career. Matched only by another Ryan incident. I have several pics of me by Ryan done when we were working at Funnybone in Connecticut.

This one was done in a front page of a book. We argued weather or not the interior illustrations were any good. I didn't care for them at the time but Ryan loved them. He bought me the book and drew this inside to insure that I never got rid of the book. I still have it.

This one was done at work right after starting at Funnybone. I look thrilled.

The last one from Ryan is another done at Funnybone. This time the emphasis was on our boss that we liked to make fun of when he was not around.

This one was done by Rip Haywire creator Dan Thompson. He actually was trying to do a self portrait but decided that it looked more like me so he walked it over to my desk to give it to me. Dan's work can be found at: http://riphaywire.com/

Yet another co-worker at Funnybone was Dimitri Epstein. Dimitri is a great guy and was a lot of fun to hang around outside of work too. He's a Russian immigrant and stone, cold deaf and he totally used this for his comedic advantage. Before emails and texting, he would call you thru an operated service where he would type what an operator would then read to you and then type your response back to him. Since he was "disconnected" from the operator as she was just words on the screen to him, he would fire off the most vile vulgarities at me knowing that I could not bring myself to respond to this poor woman doing her job. Dimitri's work is here: http://www.dimitryepstein.com/#home

Much more recently, a current co-worker (at the time of this writing at least), Bret Melvin,  took it upon himself to capture me in this brilliant pic. I've lost a lot of hair since the other drawings! Bret's work can be found here: http://bucktoothstudios.blogspot.com/

The final one you might say is a self-portrait. I didn't really make it, it was done on a hotel website that uses claymation for their commercials. The hotel chain escapes me now but it did a fair job and this is how I am seen if you are unfortunate enough to have me as a friend on Facebook.


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