The Mercury Men! ...In Color!!

I never actually intended this piece to be in color at all. In fact, most elements were done strictly in black and white as I thought it would be not only faster but more faithful to the fact that the series is in black and white. While painting the main characters (in color), I came to really start to sway, and when they were pasted into the final file, I knew that I had to make two seperate pictures. Turns out that since I had such editable layers, it was quite easy to do and lo and behold, color! I kept the distressing and such off of this one to make the two more distinct. As if one being full color would not be distinct enough! Anyway, enjoy this one as well as the black and white version and enjoy the time lapse video as well.

Check out The Mercury Men here.


  1. Nice! Don't know which one I like better.

  2. Wow! I found this on the SyFy site but it would not let me post anything. Glad I came here to see it.


  3. That came out really nicely. I am jealous.

  4. Hey, Just thought I would point out to you Nelson, the "noise" in the pic. I did it a bit different than what you showed me but I made it work as to where I can edit and adjust it on it's own layer. Thanks for the tip!


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