Mercury Men: In Progress

Not too long ago I, and for reasons I can't recall, downloaded an app for my iPhone related to SyFy. After opening the app, one of the titles in the menu literally jumped out at me and slapped my face for attention. Ok, maybe not LITERALLY. Anyway, said "The Mercury Men". I had to find out what it was. What I found was awesome! It's a sci-fi series shot in film noir black and white and cut into chapters like classic movie serials. An Indiana Jones like hero, space invaders, ray guns and a brain in a jar!! What's not to love??!! Not only are the episodes really fun but they also built a world of fake merchandise that makes me wish it was real! They have cereal box cut outs, fast food collectible glasses, action figures, 8-bit games, etc. And none of it is real. That's sounds odd, so you should just check it out for yourself.

So here are some doodles out of my sketchbook of a Mercury Men piece I am currently working on.


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