The Master! Part Four

If you have been reading this blog for any amount of time you will know of my odd fondness for the 1996 Doctor Who movie. Now, most of that is, of course, because of the performance of Paul McGann as the Doctor and the high production values. On the other hand, the casting of The Master was.............weird. People either like or hate Eric Roberts and his casting was strange, I think, because of him being an American. He also chews so much scenery that I have cavities!!  But he is considered proper cannon so here he is. I did skip over Gordon Tipple in his unspoken cameo in the opening credits. Sorry Gordo.

As usual, here is a time lapse video:


  1. I don't understand all the hate out there in fandom directed at the Paul McGann movie. I really liked it back in 1996 and I still like it today. Glad to see you like it as well. True, I don't quite get where they were going with the half human thing andit was probably best that they dropped it, but the rest of the movie was very enjoyable. Even Russell T Davies said in an interview that the Doctor Who movie has some of the best moments of any Doctor Who ever made, and I totally agree.

    1. it was a joke they did, half timelord thing. I like the movie.


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