Road to Hurricane Who: Part Two

Posters? Check! Oversized cards? Check! Sharpies? Check! So far so good. Book is printed and I am just waiting on delivery. Also ordered plastic sleeves (still need cardboard backing) for original art! Yup! Gonna be unloadind just about all of the drawings used to create most of the work in the book and seen here on my blog.

Also, and I really was not planning on this, t-shirts!! Yup, t-shirts!! This is a design that you cannot find on my Red Bubble site either, you can only get it from me. The bad thing, ...I only have about 5 at the moment. The machine at the printer for these broke and I am waiting to see if it gets up and running again in time to get more for the show. Talk about your limited quantities!!


  1. Sah-Weet! When/Where is the book going to be available?

  2. At the moment it will only be available at shows I am appearing at. Have not given much thought to other outlets yet. Any suggestions?


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