My Christmas present this year was meeting George Perez!


George was once again in my town to help raise money for the local theatre group and was doing quick sketches to do so. This time Mindy came with me for moral support and to either laugh at me stumbling over my words or to prevent it from happening. I am not really sure which. George does not remember meeting me priviously but why should he?? I never held any illusion that I would walk in and he would proclaim, "Jon! Great to see you again!". And that is probably a good thing for my health as if that had indeed happened, my head would have exploded. I don't think I really need to keep elaborating how much George Perez has meant to me, but if you want you can go back and read all that here.

So without further ado, here is another pic of my and my idol and inspiration, Mr. George Perez and the head shot of Ant-Man too!! Awesome!!


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