Drawing Tintin. Part 5.1

So once again my friend (and former classmate) Cory Thoman, took one of my posts and re-worked it and sent it back to me. This time it was my Tintin art and he showed me his down and dirty cut and paste job using a parchment background texture. My wife likes it. My son likes it too. I have to admit, I also like it. I told Cory that  I was going to start sending him all my "art" for art direction before anyone else see's it from now on. I thought about it, but then I would lose out on fun posts like this one where I get to share the experience. What do you all think?? I just wish he would give me the advice BEFORE I order cards printed!


  1. Looks good! I really like all the distressed effects you added. Feel free to come over to my site any time and cause trouble and start art directing. :D


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