New Year Doodles

Wow! Is it the new year already?? What the heck happened to 2011?? So life has been a bit hectic during and since the holidays and I didn't mean to go so long without a post but hey, life happens. So I only have some scratchings for you today and I hope that it's enough to keep you checking for further updates. I do have a few cool pics planned out and I just finished a cool project that I will be posting about soon.

I think I may have led off last year with a post with Pinto MacBean. I will have to go and check that out. I was hoping to do a few other Pinto pics but it just didn't happen. Maybe in 2012.

Here is another iPhone painting done at Epcot while my son and I were waiting on line to see the wonderful Candlelight Processional. And I am not just saying that because my wife sings in the chorus. Sharp eyed viewers may be able to make out the Christmas tree at the far left of the painting.


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