Ghost Rider. Part One

So is anyone else excited to see the new Ghost Rider movie?? Did anyone else actually like the last one?? Just me? Wow. Don't misunderstand, I didn't love the film and I certainly don't think it ranks as one of my all time favorites, but I thought it stayed pretty true to the book and it was simply a fun movie regardless of Nicolas Cage. I actually loved the comic as a kid but I also remember how the covers were so much better than the art that was inside. Unless it was when he was a member of The Champions and John Byrne was doing the pencils!! I collected the updated book in the early '90's too but Danny Ketch just didn't thrill me the way Johnny Blaze did. Remember, the 1970's was THE time for motorcycle daredevils and Ghost Rider really did fill that niche quite nicely. I have to admit that I am re-watching the film as I started to doodle this.

I did a few really quick sketches right in Photoshop.

 Here is where I started to get carried away with my thumbnail and progressed further still right in Photoshop.


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