Jekyll! Final.

So here it is. The day of the big reveal. Are you excited? Do you like me dragging my process out or would you rather I just do it all in one shot?? Doesn't really matter does it, as I am going to do what I want anyway. Is that bad?? No. This is my show.

Anyway, I hope you like it. I thought it was fun to do even if it is more than a bit bloody. Now we just have to sit back and see what Cory thinks of it.


  1. Oh no, I've become the "just one more change" guy. I think I've worked with a few of those over the years. ;)

    Anyway, the image looks good.

    P.S. I like seeing the process part. Which seems weird because I used to always complain about having to show all the process when we were in school, but now I'm all about it. Maybe, those teachers were right after all?


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