Jekyll! Part One.

Here I go again. Posting away in instalments to drag out that the fact that I have something new to share. I had heard of this BBC program before and usually with it being mentioned in Doctor Who or Sherlock articles. This was also written by the brilliant Steven Moffat and it does not disappoint. I originally thought that it was merely a modern re-telling of the classic Robert Louis Stevenson classic just like Sherlock is. I was wrong! And I am mad at myself in waiting so long to check this program out. If you have not seen it already, go now and watch it. Watch it all!! James Nesbitt is absolutely amazing in the duel role!!

I originally just did a sketch on the computer to loosen up and then, as I frequently do, I got carried away and kept adding color and such to the sketch. This is what I got.

Stay tuned. More to come.


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