Pinto MacBean Revisited

I was recently contacted by the good people of Bow Island Alberta to provide them with a vector version of my Pinto MacBean painting. As you may recall, they are using my work with my blessing, on several bits of merchandise for their 100th celebration. Sadly, I had to inform them that no vector file existed. Yet. As it turned out, I still very much enjoy drawing Pinto so I offered to re-create the work in vector form. Was pretty straightforward and they were pleased with the results. I hope the printing process is adequate. Since I created the line work and such for the new file, I also sent them a simple line drawing version for them to print and let kids color. Now you can too as I have included that here as well. Print it. Color it. Have your kids color one. Take a pic and send it to me. I would love to see! Enjoy.

While I was caught up with all this MacBean activity, I also dove back into my original file and went all George Lucas on it and now have this "enhanced" version. I tightened up some details, corrected a few bits and added textures. I also changed the colors and pattern on his neckerchief. With all due respect to the originator of Pinto, I never really cared for the greenish/brown scheme. My wife said the red one was much more "Ye-Haw!". I like that!


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