Speed Painting

So I blame Bret. We had some spare time at the end of the day recently and he coaxed me into a speed paint challenge. I didn't want to do it as I am lousy at things like that. I am way too much of a noodler. Brett can be persuasive. Had to be done right in Photoshop and it had to be done in about an hour. The concept was "winning". I avoided Charlie Sheen. This is the crap that I would up with. Maybe I need to do more exercises like this, but then again, maybe not.

Oh! And Bret never even finished his!!


  1. An hour!?! That's rough. I do things pretty quick, but there are usually a couple sketches, some changes, meditating, a snack, tweaks and more. I was thinking that it would probably be good to challenge myself more though. Get out of my comfort zone. Maybe, I should start laying down the gauntlet for a monthly challenge with the old college classmates. Are you game?


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