John Carter of Mars. Part One

I have to admit that I really don't understand the logic of Disney for calling the movie simply 'John Carter'. I was very excited for this movie but like many, I was underwhelmed by the trailers and posters and just about everything else leading up to the release of the movie. I did get to see it premiere on the Disney cruise ship and I actually enjoyed the movie and look forward to getting it on disc when it becomes available. I'll let everyone else keep debating the merits of the movie and the original source material. I only read the original 'Princess of Mars' entry and only occasionally glanced at the Marvel comic version. I own the first issue of that but mainly because of the Gil Kane art.

So here is my take on the three main characters. I did not base them on the movie or comic or the gorgeous Frank Frazetta covers of the books. These are totally my take on them and I had a lot of fun thinking about how to interpret them. I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I am creating it.

You may have seen in a recent post the digital doodle that showed my compostion for this piece, so no need to re-post that. Here you can see my initial ball point pen scribbles in my petite sketchbook.

Here are my digital explorations or Tars Tarkus. All drawn in Photoshop.

My final pencil drawings in progress.

Here is the start of my thinking of value and starting to refine the composition. I really like the exploration part at this stage.


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