John Carter of Mars. Part Two

So I am plodding along with this latest endeavor and I am having fun still. Did some tweaks here and there and know that there are more to come in the days ahead and I oddly look forward to that. I really love the exploration. I am working on a background that I took inspiration from old travel/destination posters so we will see if I can pull that off. I freely admit to not liking to do scenery or backgrounds but so far it's been fun. We will see if that lasts.

Here is the sketch of the title character a bit further along from my last post. I think I showed this before tho. Hmmmm.....

The same goes for Tars.

Here is a pen sketch of Deja done recently in my sketchbook.


The mocked up composition with some exploration of the background.

 Starting to lay in layers of elements in Illustrator to create my background. Lots to do here!!


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