John Carter of Mars. Part Five

This is getting ridiculous now. Granted, I have been known to make some changes along the way when I make a picture, but what is going on with this one is off the charts for me. Maybe it's a good thing. Maybe I needed to be pushed and forced to re-examine things. A teacher in college always professed that you should always draw things at least three times. Or maybe the subject matter is cursed and that is why the movie that took one hundred years to be made after the book was published, failed. Maybe.

Anyway, I have another artist on this post who has been following the progress as it has continued on and Bret has been kind enough to bounce ideas off of and to contribute his own thoughts as well. Here are some quick roughs he did as we further explored the gestures of the characters.

And here is yet another composite of the revisions.


  1. Brilliant stuff, man! I love how you compose everything!


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