Rushing River Song

You may remember that last November I had a table at the Hurricane Who event here in Orlando, Florida. Well on June 28th, they are hosting a one night only event with Alex Kingston. I originally signed up merely to attend the show but was then contacted and offered to have my table there as well. I readily accepted. This sent me on a mission to complete a new Doctor Who picture featuring River Song to commemorate the event. I actually began with an iPhone doodle while I was waiting on line at the Pirates of the Caribbean in the Magic Kingdom.

Armed with that I began to scribble in my tiny sketchbook.

This proceeded quickly to the finished pencil drawing.

Here is the plain, black ink line and the flat colors added. Painting is underway.

Information on the event can be found here.


  1. Oh, I love River! Great job capturing her, and have fun at the show!


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