Coloring Ant-Man

I don't really make it a habit to find other peoples drawings on line and take it upon myself to add color as I see fit. I used to do it when Photoshop was new to me and it was simply good practice but that was a long time ago and I cannot even recall what the picture was that I last colored like that. Well, as readers of my blog may know, I am a HUGE fan of the comic artist George Perez. He recently posted a commission piece he did and I could not help myself. I had to color it. It's an inked head shot of Ant-Man!! You know I love Ant-Man!! I have a sketch of the character from Mr. Perez myself. You can go and read about it here. I didn't go crazy with the color, didn't want to take anything away from the original and considering how long I have been working with digital color now, I didn't really spend too much time on it either. Was fun!

My apologies to Mr. Perez. I DID make a slight change to the art. I always preferred the higher collar on his costume, so I covered up the neck. Sorry.


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