Remember when I did that John Carter piece not too long ago?? Yes? Great! No? Go here and catch up. So, I had many revisions while laboring over that particular picture and entire characters were totally changed. That meant that I had unused artwork laying around my studio. Leftovers. I don't mind having leftovers but my wife Mindy has other thoughts on the subject. Some things get better after sitting for a day or two, like lasagana or socks. You know what I am talking about! So with little free time and with too much procrastination with producing anything new (just kidding. I got new stuff coming.), I decided to finish off one of the original drawings made for the John Carter picture. A simple finish, just ink and flat color.

Slightly modified sketch.


Flat color.

So what do you think about leftovers?? I'd like to hear your input on the topic.


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