Meeting River Song

So you know by now that I was rushing to finish a picture to have ready for a Hurricane Who Summer Night that the lovely Alex Kingston was attending. Turned out to be a really fun night. Got to see friends from previous shows and meet some new people as well. Got my River Song picture done and it seemed to go over quite well. I even sold the original art to a young girl and then joked with her that if she got it signed by Alex to come back and show me. She did!! I thought it was really cool of her to actually make it back to me and allow me to take a picture of it but I thought it was even cooler that she was SO excited about having a hand drawn picture of a character and then got it signed by them! Awesome! We were seated in the very same room that the Q&A was done, so we got to listen in, which was really nice. The Ghost Hunters International were set up right next to me again and that is always fun as I feel like Scott and Paul are now friends. As the evening wore down, and I began to load the car with my wares, my wife, Mindy, informed me that Alex wanted to meet us. Well, me but there was no way Mindy was letting me go alone! We were walked to the front of the line and introduced to miss Kingston. She asked if I was the artist of the picture and she shook my hand and complimented me to no end. I gave her a signed poster and card of the art and she was nice enough to sign a card for me to keep as my own. She could not have been nicer!! My apologies to those waiting in line.

Can't wait for the next show! So much fun!

Goofin with Lewis Baily of the Happiness Patrol Podcast.

Alex Kingston signing a card for me!!

My eight year old accountant. Joe worked the cash box.

Ghost Hunters running late. Check out Paul's open suitcase!!

Mindy and The Tardis Party as Vastra and Jenny.

My original drawing signed by Alex Kingston.


  1. Oh, I'm so jealous! What a great experience! (Gorgeous artwork, too, by the way)


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