Back to School

A few months ago, a coworker and I decided to take a figure drawing class at a local school. It had been about 12 years since the last time I sat in such a classroom and it did feel to be a bit weird and reminiscent of good times being back at school. It took about two sessions to start to shake off the rust and then my teacher found out what we did for a living. I think that may have influenced her as to how to teach us. She would NOT let me draw like I draw. She forced me to use a different approach and I really struggled with her method. I figured she must know more than me and that it would be good for me to learn to look and react differently with the drawing. I am not too sure she was right. She seemed to think that I was taught how to draw the figure as an "illustrator" instead of as an "artist". Does that make any sense?? Come to think of it, my figure drawing teachers back in school were not working illustrators so I am really confused. She would go so far to say "STOP! You're illustrating again!!" I liked being back in the classroom environment tho and I may do it again but maybe an open class instead of one with instruction.

Here are some of the drawing I did in the class. The first two are some of the gestures done to warm up at the beginning of class and the rest are about 20 min. All done with charcoal on newsprint.


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