Is it in the blood?

I had always heard that my great-grandfather was an artist in Italy and one of the reasons that my grandmother was part of an arranged marriage was that he did not want her to be married to an artist that had her in his sights. We also know that he personally brought Grandma here to America and stayed for a bit and painted murals in funeral parlors and things of the like in the New York area. We don't know if any of these still exist. While cleaning out Mom's things, we came across an oil painting on board simply signed "Lopreste". It's a bit broken up around the edges and it needs a frame and such, but I think it's absolutely fabulous that we have this. I find it ironic that that I make my living as an artist as well. So. Is it in the blood?? Was I destined to be an artist and paint like my great-grandfather. I don't know. Turns out, he was Grandma's step-father. Her actual father had gone to serve in the army before she was born and never came home. Word never came that he was killed or just didn't come home. And just like the riddle of the Tootsie-Pop, we may never know the answer.


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