After the Hurricane Who: 3

Sorry that it's taken so long to post my pictures from the recent Hurricane Who event here in Orlando, but I have to point out that most of the pictures are not actually taken by me. My wife took the majority of them and I was waiting for her to plug her iPhone into the computer to get the pics. I gave up waiting last night and just did it myself. Sorry Hon.

We had a great time again and look forward to next year! We also had a great spot with a view of an incredible Tardis that simply brought everyone right in front of us for Mindy to take a picture. I managed to get in a few as well.

Retro Tardis!!

Modern Tardis that was right in front of us!

Mindy and the Tardis.


My best companion.

Of course people love to dress up for the convention and here were just some of the ones we got to take pics of.
The Doctor (Chris) and his Tardis.
No. It really is his.
How Ood. Where's Paul?? He loves an Ood.

The Master and Doctor 8.

Even some cars dressed up!
Where is Scott???

Caitlin Blackwood (Young Amelia Pond)

Disney historian Jim Korkis and Mindy. I never knew there was a Disney/Who connection!

Writer extraordinaire, Tony Lee!!

Mr. Andrew Beech of the BBC letting me wear one of Tom Baker's actual scarves!!
Mr. Peter Davison (5th Doctor) in a Q & A.

A tee I sold that Peter Davison signed!!

Can you tell we are chewing?? Thanks Lew!


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