One More Thing about Hurricane Who 3

I totally forgot to post the two best things I got from the convention!! I was going to just add them to the last post but I think they deserve a post of their own. Before I show those, I would like to give a big THANK YOU to Mr. Tony Lee!  His words of encouragement and praise about my work was enough to send me over the moon without a Tardis!!!

And now here they are! Me with Mr. Peter Davison, the 5th Doctor himself!!!

I more than likely have stated that he is MY Doctor. I got turned on to Doctor Who by a school friend and would watch it every night after supper. On cold, New Jersey winter nights, it was perfect television! Mom would sit and watch with me and she enjoyed it as well. She always would ask me about "the one with the celery" right up until she passed away. I know you are watching Mom!

I also managed to get one of my own postcards signed by Mr. Davison and was able to give him one as well. Awesome!


  1. I met Peter Davison last year at a horror con in Louisville. I never thought I'd get to meet ANY of the Doctors (since as far as I know they're all in England), so it was quite a thrill.

    Like you, I always felt he was MY Doctor. I started watching the show shortly before he took over and really enjoyed his tenure on the series.

    Plus he's his own father in law! David Tennant married his daughter! The Doctor married his own daughter!


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