Shaken. Not stirred.

Have you seen Skyfall yet?? I have not. Really hoping to soon as I have seen every Bond movie since "For Your Eyes Only" on the big screen. I would have seen "Moonraker" but I felt bad for my Mom, who drove my brother and I, along with our friend Guy, to the movies that afternoon. I didn't want her to sit alone so I went with her to watch the Barbara Streisand movie, "The Main Event".

Many, many posts ago, I blogged about "accidentally" doing a James Bond picture because my digital doodle looked (to me anyway) like Daniel Craig. I put it in the back of my mind that a series of all the Bond's would be fun. I guess it's all in the timing and I have found myself doodling away in my tiny sketchbook at lunch. I should probably bring some sort of reference to draw from tho.

Maybe I was drawing somebody else.


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