We interrupt this Bond.

I hate to do this. I really do but it looks as if I will have to put my James Bond series on a shelf for the time being. Turns out I have to really get going on another Star Trek pic to be done in time for MegaCon and I have to free up time as I have just committed to actually doing the art for a comic book. As a child I wanted to be a comic book artist and I even drew sample pages (I'll post them some day) and took them to conventions when I was in high school. Being the lazy individual that I am, I was not interested in drawing lamp posts and trees and such. I only really wanted to draw the characters. But I never lost my love for comics. So now I am about to dive headlong into the abyss as I was approached to contribute several pages of a graphic novel to raise money for charity. It's for cancer/hospice and that is something that my family had the unfortunate experience of dealing with earlier this year. It's also a Doctor Who themed book!! I am very nervous but very excited at the same time. I think I would be even more nervous (if that is possible) if I was getting paid so I think God had a hand in this. I'll keep you all posted as this progresses.

In the meantime, here are the three rough drawings of 007 to date all together to give the impression of where it is headed. Enjoy.


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