Digital Doodle at Heroes Landing

This past weekend I as kindly asked to be a part of a Doctor Who themed day at my local comic shop here in Clermont. Heroes Landing. I had a good time chatting with people and meeting and listening to the Ken Spivey Band. Had a front row seat for them. Really nice people and a fun show. I had heard of them before but this was the first time I actually heard them play. I bought the CD too!! If you are a Doctor Who fan and at a show where these guys are performing, go see them. I also got to talk quite a bit with Charlie Thurston. Another talented local. This was my second show with him and I enjoyed both.

During lulls and maybe a little during the band playing, I was guilty of doodling a pic on my phone. I am still enjoying using my new stylus with my paint app. Plus a few people got a kick to see me doing it. I was even able to periodically save to a folder on my phone and then run it as a slideshow to see the progression. With music!! I wish I could export that as a movie but I had to fake it to show you all. Enjoy!!


  1. Hey Jon, If you're using a Mac then you can download a great little app called Reflector - for $15. It will allow you to mirror your iOS device on your Mac (PC too - but I haven't tested it) and it even video records your actions while your using your device.

    1. Thanks for the tip. I will look into it but to be honest, I find it rather unlikly that I would spend three times the money for an app that records what I paint than for the paint app itself. But who knows? I might!


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