are crooks.

Last month I received an email from someone in the U.K asking if the product seen at was legit. He sent me a link and I looked into it. It most certainly is NOT. I never uploaded my art to this site nor have I endorsed it in anyway. I was never contacted by the company that posted it nor the person that uploaded it. IT'S STOLEN!! Readers can easily point out that it is the exact same piece that I have had trouble with in the past. I even blogged about it back in 2010 (link)! I immediately contacted this company thru their website as well as using their company email. The contact was ignored and the email was returned as "undeliverable". I tried again and it was once again returned. I tried two more times. All returned. I created an account in order to leave a review to point out that this art was stolen and that was never posted. So I called them. I spoke to a man that identified himself as Eban and I explained who I was and what I was calling about. He asked for the product number and I read it off to him. He denied that this was a real number that his company used. He then asked me to email him with the link so he could find the item in question. I explained that all my emails were returned and all other correspondence was ignored. He assured me that they had a computer glitch with their mail and it was now fixed and I could now re-send an email. I hung up and sent a new letter. Guess what. IT GOT RETURNED!!

This company is obviously not a reputable company and uses less than honorable business practices. I would recommend that you DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! In fact, spread the word about them.


  1. Unbelievable! I'll spread the word. I'm so sorry this keeps happening to you, hon. :(


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