Captain Krunch 1976

This may be the most cherished of drawings that I have ever done. I can still remember drawing it at the breakfast table one bleak and dreary winter morning in New Jersey. Yes, I was eating Captain Krunch for breakfast that morning and was suddenly inspired to draw the box art. I was quite proud of my piece and showed it to Mom and Dad. I even addressed it to them on the back of the paper. They beamed with pride (as parents do) and that was that. I recall Mom showing some neighbors and relatives in the following weeks and then I basically forgot about it for years. When I was older and using the telephone, (You know, The ONLY one in the house and was tethered to the wall!) I came across it tucked inside my mom's address book. She saved it, but not like all the other pictures she saved. This one was kept separate and in a place where she would see it on a regular basis. I was amused by this and would see it from time to time as I used mom's book in the years following.

As many readers know, I lost mom last year. When we were cleaning out her place, we found her old address book and the picture was still there. I took it out and tucked it inside my own sketchbook to keep it as flat as I could. I still keep it there today and move it from book to book. I remember that feeling of accomplishment that cold morning and wonder if I will ever have that same feeling again. Do you only get one? I know I have something like it when my own son shows me things he is proud of, but it's different. Maybe that's why artists keep drawing. Maybe that is whey I keep drawing.

Thanks Mom. This is the one that started it all.


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