Friday, February 15, 2013

Pluggin' Along!

Do you know how much time painting your house cuts into your drawing time??? A lot!! I once worked as a house painter for about 11 years when I was much younger and I still think I paint pretty well. Maybe just not as fast. I was pretty insulted when I got home the other night to find a business card of a painter stuck in my door. Granted I only painted half the house so far but really?? Did he think I was doing such a poor job that I must obviously need help?? Or did he stick one in every door on the street? Even if it was the latter, why would he stick one in a house that was already in the process of being painted?? I'm gonna call him tonight.

So I am still juggling the two projects and gonna share here now. Well, soon. I have also started playing in ArtRage 4 as it just came out and tested it a bit with my rough sketching for the older brother in the book. Never used the watercolor brush before so what the heck! Was fun!


Actually did this on my phone.
ArtRage4 and a sticky note!


Working on Trek as well.

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