A Few More from MegaCon

I really thought Mindy took more pictures. Oh well. I also regret not taking my phone with me as a did a quick run thru the show just before the doors open. I ran over to meet two artists that I have been wanting to meet (and spend some money at). Mark Bagley was the first one I got to go see. We chatted a bit as we are both former Ringling students, but alas, Mark does not have the same fond memories of my alma mater as I do but he was really nice and I got an awesome Spider-Man print signed for me. I then went and got to talk to the legendary Neal Adams! Neal was super nice as well and I got an terrific print of Green Lantern signed by him. I so wish I could have taken pics with them. Maybe next time.

Three Doctors.

The Martian Manhunter !

Me with my signed prints!


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