Countdown to MegaCon!

Just a few days now until MegaCon. I am getting really nervous as I tend to do before a show. Plus this is my first "big" show and I don't know how well my stuff will go over with the crowd. I know I am driving my wife Mindy crazy with my anxiety of it all. Mindy talked me into a whole new display as well as some new items for sale as well. We will have three bumper stickers (two Star Trek and Doctor Who) as well as mugs of the Eleven Doctors! My crappy phone pics do not do these items justice to stop by (Brown 5) and check them out.

Did I mention where I am at?? BROWN 5!! Yeah!! I sound like a pilot for the really bad squadron of X-wing pilots. "Brown 5 checking in!". So if you are in Artist Alley (and even if you are not ) come over to Brown 5 and have a chat. I'd love to see ya!

And for those who would just like to make a bee-line right to my table, here is a handy map! Brown 5!!!


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