Post MegaCon post

I really had a good time at MegaCon. Seeing artists I already know and catching up, meeting artists I always admired, talking to LOTS of people. What's not to like??? Plus my wife was right by my side the entire time. I couldn't do these shows (or any thing else in life) without her. I still get really nervous before any of these shows (listen to me. Like I have done a ton of these!) but the nerves settle down really quickly once I get talking to the guests. I have to say that I did learn quite a bit doing a big show that I will need to keep in mind for future events. I didn't just learn by doing, but from generous advice from fellow artists. You know who you are! Thanks so much for sharing. I can't wait to do a big show again.

Here are some random shots from my phone. Have to sort out the art I collected as well as Mindy's pics too. More to come soon.

Yeah. I'm pumped!

Mindy setting up the table.

Didn't see a Tardis but HG Wells Time Machine showed up.

And so did Doc Brown's DeLorean!

Classic G.I. Joe!!!

Cap and the Red Skull!!

Now doing a big show doesn't really let you get close with the "stars" like a small show does, but others are willing to share. Ted and Gio came and bought a print of Star Trek: The Next Generation and then proceeded to get all five portraits signed by the actors. Not only were Ted and Gio kind enough to make the time to come back to show me the signed poster and take pics, but they also told me how much each actor liked my work as well. A real highlight of my weekend. Thanks guys!


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