Star Trek: The Next Generation

It's reveal time once again. Does anybody love that more than me?? No way!! I know I have been teasing this one for a bit and the gap was a bit longer than I anticipated due to being really lazy. Busy too but I just can't bring myself to lie you to you all.

I am pretty pleased how it turned out but getting it done was a bit of a chore. I made it so it could hang right along with the Original Series version of this. Tried to go for a Rockwell inspired, one point composition also and that turned out to be my downfall. I got really bored drawing all those faces in one point and not having any gesture in the picture. The first one was bad enough but now I had to follow thru with a second one! Ugh!! I hope it was worth it in the end. I think it was. What do you think??

Bonus!! It's all ready for MegaCon!! Posters, postcards, bumperstickers have all arrived to my door with this art on it ready to sell at the show where all these cast members are going to appear!! Yay!!!


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