The Lone Ranger. Part Six

OK. Who's still with me?? Anyone? Well anyway, here we go again! Moving on to the Ranger himself now. Not as much struggle with him as there was with Tonto so for that I am grateful and this was really fun to work on. My enthusiasm is running high for this as the latest trailer just hit yesterday and it looks really good in my humble opinion. I know that there are plenty of naysayers out there that never want to see the Lone Ranger out of his blue suit and are ticked off with Johnny Depp playing a native American. I don't see the big deal. They didn't put the Ranger in a purple suit or make it look like it's made of rubber like a lot of super hero suits out there now and he didn't always wear a blue suit either. I like the new look. I like the old look as well. I can accept both. As far as Johnny Depp as Tonto? Who cares if he is native American or not! I don't. He's an actor. People seemed to get bent out of shape over these things. Didn't some folk get steamed over regular sized people playing dwarfs also?? I am of Italian decent and I don't think I ever got in a tizzy about a Latin playing an Italian in a movie. It's a part in a movie!!!

Ah! You got me rambling on again. You didn't come here for that did you? So here are my sketches of the Lone Ranger.

I pushed and pulled the form some with the liquify tool in this one.


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