Lola and the Eleven Secrets!

A fellow artist and friend, Nathan Szerdy, has been working on a project for several years. He told me about it when I first met him last year when we sat next to each other at a show. I loved the work he showed me from it (and I dug his other work he was selling as well!), and we made conversation and kept in touch. We recently saw each other again this past March at MegaCon and I think it was there that he mentioned he was soliciting other artists to draw his characters for a bonus gallery in the book. It's called "Lola and the Eleven Secrets". I was very interested but I was hesitant to commit due to other obligations. Well, Nathan launched his Kickstarter campaign (Yes. I sponsored!) and I was once again interested. As luck would have it, a gap in my schedule opened up and I jumped on it! I knew I only had a small window to do something but since I had been thinking about this for a while, I had a clear vision of what I wanted to draw. I did the most minimal thumbnail I think I had ever done and then preceded to rough it all out digitally. I liked what I had and went right to color. Normally, I like the finished piece to sit and breath for a day or two before I show them to anyone as I always find little things to tweak, but like I said, the window was closing. I shot off an email to Nathan a day before his cut off! Given what time it was, it may have been less than a day. I made it! I also like the piece too! And Nathan likes it!! Bonus! I hope you like it but I know you will love Nathans version and you should buy his book!!

Yeah! THIS is my thumbnail!


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