The Lone Ranger. Part Thirteen

Thirteen?? Seriously?? I can't have this end on thirteen! I know! I will drag this out an extra day.

So before actually starting any work on this particular picture, I became a little concerned that my work has migrated away form the more cartoony look of some of my other pieces. For some reason, this really started to rattle me so I did a quick picture using the same process but with a definite intention to lean towards realism. It didn't take long to notice that even tho my pictures have changed a bit in style, they are still not "portraits" and I liked how "my look" has an elasticity to it so I can lean more realistically or more cartoony as needed. You can tell that I didn't spend a whole lot of time on this little experiment but I thought it was worth showing that I still have my doubts and struggles. Hey, I'm human!

While on the topic of experimenting, I thought I could also show a little pic I did on my phone. Now this is really not a new drawing or anything, it's just the painted figure of the Lone Ranger that has been run thru a drawing app on my smartphone. Came out kinda neat looking. What do you think?

Lastly, but definitely not least by any means, is a doodle by my friend and former co-worker Dave Lovelace! He started a website called Anything Napkin. It's just what is says. He'll draw anything on a napkin. How could I refuse? I told him that since I was slaving away on the Lone Ranger, he should be as well so that is what I ordered. Dave really delivered in his inimitable style!! Thanks Dave!!


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