A Little Golden Book?

Sort of. I have not really done any mash-ups or such yet, but I looked at this as more of an homage. Some may now that I have been working on a children's book and using a much different style for those illustrations. It suddenly occurred to me that I can work in that style for a Doctor Who picture as well. Everything then, very quickly, fell into place. Even to call it "Little Gallifrey Look" and make my own spine. My wife Mindy REALLY likes this piece and can't wait to show people. She even jumped the gun and showed people the color mock up a few weeks ago!

I have ideas for other pictures in this style. In fact, not only did I show everyone the thumbnail for this piece previously (Yup. Go check it out. Early June 2013, "What's in the hopper?") but I also showed my idea for a 4th Doctor one as well.
In case you missed it, I posted the original thumbnail for this picture once again here.


The Final.

Pencil Drawing.
Color Mock.

Original Thumbnail.


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