Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Poster!!!

I was recently asked if I wanted to take part in a one day poster sale over at Victory Deluxe. Sounded like fun so I said, "what the heck!". It goes on sale tomorrow!! One day only!! Did I mention that?? I was asked to post my 11 Doctors piece but gave them a slightly re-worked version of the piece to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the show. So it has some modified colors and text and is only available for one day only!! Ha! Also, it's 11x17 and only $6.99 with free shipping!!! What!? Yes. Only $6.99!! Buy two! Why not? It's payday for most of you, make it a payday for me. I'm out of work! (seriously.)

This and the few that I have on hand of my current stock will be the end of me selling this piece as Matt Smith has announced his departure from the show. The good news is that, obviously, there will be a new piece soon to replace it with the yet to be seen 12th Doctor!!

You can find the website at the link in the first line or on Facebook.

So mark your calendars and tell your friends. Bring them to a show I am appearing at and I will gladly sign them too!!!

And yes, I am going to show you.


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